• The environment at Nalanda is motivating and children are treated with a lot of respect.
    Parents are encouraged to contribute and their feedbacks are really looked into.

    - Neelam Yogesh Dalvi-
  • At Nalanda, Discipline is an integral part,, however children are never under stress or preasure

    - Avinash Pawar -
  • It is wonderful how the school is balancing academics, sports, extra- curricular and co– curricular activities.
    It speaks a lot of the managements focus

    - Sandip Adhav -
  • Nalanda is a healthy in all respects- Environment, friendly nature, accepting, cordial combined with excellent teaching.

    - Shibu V.S -

Welcome to Nalanda School


Nalanda School is built on the tenets of thriving and blossoming in the lap of Mother Nature. The Surrounding are vivid with lush trees and orchards. Individual Kitchen gardens maintained by each class and a facility to boost animal understanding with pride of ownership. This one-to-one interaction goes a long way in creating a harmony with nature and general sense of well-being. In many ways, the world of ‘Nalanda School’ is a self-sustained ecosystem where children learn to return to nature.


Aero- Modeling Workshop

The workshop includes, Designing, Sanding & assembling a small Aero Model. From a simple rubber powered Propeller based Glider, the children have graduated to a Balsa Glider which is battery powered & uses basis electronic controls


Our Trail Blazers would be going on to scales some Sayadari peaks this winter. The event is awaited by all our students and alumina alike.


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