Annual Report-2020-21

Nalanda School in Ahmednagar is a co-educational, English medium, C.B.S.E affiliated school addressed at Walunj amidst an oxygen rich surrounding. The School was established in the year 2016 and received its Provisional affiliation for secondary level in 2019 – 2022

The Academic Year 2020 – 21 started with a wake-up call with the COVID – 19 causing all schools to plan a delivery model. Nalanda’ staff once again rose to the new challenge and implemented their ICT training becoming the first school in Ahmednagar to run full fledges classes online from 25th March 2020 for Grades 9th and 10th .

The Process was started with a counseling session with parents motivating them to use the COVID opportunity to spend quality time with children and be a part of their classrooms. During these sessions some issues were identified and solutions derived to resolve them, these are as given below.

To keep children engaged online competitions were conducted ranging from Yoga, Chess, Fancy Dress, Debates, Elocutions, recitation, Story-telling etc. and the winners were awarded through online transfer on prize money to the children’s accounts.

Taking a que from the C.B.S.E guidelines Nalanda was the first to start online coding classes for all their students as a skill development subject.

Experiential learning and activity based learning was also implemented by teachers using creative techniques to explain concepts and ensure that learning was fun.

Making best out of waste was also emphasized by assigning projects like Pythagorian cup and Herons fountain, making of compost and organing fertilizers through kitchen waste and dry leaves.

Electronic worksheets helped prompt feedbacks along with active and passive classes that made study material available even after school hours. Nalanda realised the importance of physical activity during lockdowns and conducted daily Physical training classes that included core training, HIT and Zumba.

During partial unlock Nalanda provided a welcome break, by opened its Annual Aero – modeling workshop to all students in Ahmednagar and gave wings to children’s imaginations.

All in all we are proud to announce that we were able to conduct up to 6 classes a day through Lockdown and were reciprocated by 100% attendance of students through their classes and participation.

The Anxiety of our 10th Batch was laid to rest through extra classes and completion of reference books which helped us in conducting 3 Pre – Boards and all examinations throughout the year.

Not just on the students training, the teachers with an amazing zeal, support and motivation from C.B.S.E utilized the COVID period to enhance their intellect and complete individual trainings opening new avenue to provide a better quality education by implementing best practices and optimum utilisaton of resources and technology.

Nalanda’s Management team also utilized this period to plant more than 100 fruit trees in the campus which will be ready for fruiting by the time children return to this abode where learning is Fun.

The COVID gave us a huge opportunity to implement Tuition Free Education thorough Extra classes and dedicated time proving once again how quality is merely a factor of dedication and commitment of both the institution and its teachers.

Concerns Way out
Children do not listen
Reward compliance of Timetable
Study limited to class session Encourage DIY experiments at home
Only attendance, No attention Activity based Sessions
How to ensure learning Focus on concepts
Correction of Notebooks Marks on submissions
Boredom/ Monotony ICT Not Video conferencing

Academic Report for the year 2021 – 22 would E-published post the academic year.

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