Apart from building a strong academic foundation we also do the following:- Coding, Foundation Course, Sports Coaching, Fine Arts & Music


1. General academics with cursive Handwriting

2. Overall Grooming

3. Spoken English

4. Basic Safety sense

5. Use of appropriate words


1. Building a strong academic foundation

2. Obedience & respect for parents & Elders

3. Minimal Home assignments up-to 4th Grade

4. Building Sturdiness and love for outdoors

5. Building & assessing interest in various fields


1. Teaching them “how to think”, instead of “what to think.”

2. Building Self Study habits thus removing dependency on tuitions

3. Building skills in Sports and Arts

4. Basic Financial prudence/ Discipline.


1. Academic Excellence and focus

2. Stress Management

3. Interview Skills

4. Group Discussion Skills

5. Preliminary Academic stream /Career Cancelling

6. Basic physical exercise to ensure a healthy Mind has a healthy body to reside in.

Nalanda – Ahmednagar follows the syllabus on the basis of curriculum prescribed by NCERT/CBSE for the school and changes are made there in from time to time.

The curriculum is comprehensive and it supports all round development of young children. It is an established fact that children learn best when they are actively involved in the process of learning. They are provided experiences, which are activity oriented and begin with manipulation of concrete objects.

Underlying the developmentally appropriate active learning approach are certain broad curriculum goals for children-

  1. To develop a positive self-concept, self-control and self-confidence.
  2. Personal - To develop a sense of belonging, relationship of mutual trust and respect for adults and peers.
  3. To develop a curiosity about the world.
  4. To develop a curiosity about the world.
  5. To develop their own creative and imaginative ability.
  6. To use language to communicate effectively.
  7. To learn and use skills of reading, writing and number work.
  8. To think critically, to reason and solve problems.
  9. To construct an understanding of relationships among objects, people and events.

The curriculum includes developmentally appropriate activities that support play, and physical relationships which help to make children happy and keep them engaged. The Curriculum is designed, keeping the National ECE Curriculum framework as a reference point.

  1. The syllabus and the textbooks followed by students in Nalanda are based on the C.B.S.E board curriculum. The classrooms have a co – educational setup
  2. At Nalanda, the students take a more practical approach to learning as projects, activities, group work and group discussions form a major part of the curriculum.
  3. The school encourages its students to take part in competitions
  4. Dance, art, and theatre are part of the school’s curriculum
  5. Nalanda integrates student-based learning and curriculum-based learning with life experiences and provides children with a productive learning environment.
  6. Children are trained to be lifelong learners and encouraged to be all-rounders.

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