Mid Brain Activation

Mid Brain Activation is scientific process of enabling all the human senses in order to be more efficient and productive. We urge all our children to participate in these workshops and magic happens. This world renowned process is used by achievers world- wide to enhance concentration, comprehension and sixth sense. Our children are provided with nothing but the best.


Children at Nalanda are taught to look–up and one way is to let their imagination soar. Aero-modeling workshop at Nalanda is an annual phenomenon where children learn basics of flight and aero-dynamics. They get to make and fly their own models and take them home to show – off .

Mr. Yash Jahagirdar introducing Aero Modeling

The Best way to learn “you reap what you sow is Gardening. The school provides for ample space and n opportunity for children to grow and mend flower beds, vegetables in a small class Garden. The children also get to take home these self grown veggies and enjoy the goodness of organic foods.

Adventure Sports
Adveture sports build both confidence, faith and respect for nature.
Trek to Harishchandra Garh- Build Team spirit

Our Annual trek is something that our students really look forward to. Young trekkers are introduced to wilderness under strict control and supervision to ensure an everlasting enjoyable experience. They learn to scale challenges as they would any mountain and Team work. Camping, Cooking, Birding are some aspects which create Camaraderie and a well rounded persona.


A leap of faith changes one forever. Trusting the experience, holding on, and doing the unknown prepares us for many challenges.

Rappelling activity at Nalanda School
Paragliding activity at Nalanda School

We aim at Opening Minds and Creating a Will to Soar High and overcome fear through adventure sports. It's an amazing experience of students flying high and creating memorable moments.

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